June 1, 2012

26 and Still Depressed?

                Today I turned 26.  Without a Bachelor’s Degree.  Without even a major I’m sure of.  Without a full-time, year-round job.  Without an apartment or home of my own.  Without a boyfriend, much less a husband.  With severe depression.  With an increasingly serious anxiety disorder.  With strained relationships with my best friends.  With a lot of self-doubt. 
                But today I laughed a LOT.  And it was enough.


  1. Happy birthday! Have a lovely day. :)

  2. I'm glad you laughed on June 1. I didn't go back to school until I was 27 - and it was to finish my high school diploma. I didn't graduate from college until I was 46. Sometimes life puts things in our way, but I found a way around them. You will get there.

    My thoughts are with you,

    1. Thanks very much for the kind words and thoughts!


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