April 21, 2012

Depression: The Up-Side

I can't tell whether this is funny or depressing.  Maybe a little bit of both?  Either way, totally true.
  • ·         You save money on laundry soap and wear and tear on your clothes.
o   When I don’t get out of bed until three in the afternoon and only wear my clothes for a few hours each day instead of wearing them all day, I have to do a LOT less laundry.  And my clothes wear out more slowly.
  • ·         Less wear and tear on the carpet.
o   When I'm depressed, all my clothes end up on the floor.  And I spend a lot of time in bed, anyways.
  • ·         You save on groceries and restaurants.
o   I just don’t feel like going out, so I make do with what I have.
  • ·         You really get your money’s worth on your Netflix subscription
o   It doesn’t take me long to get through all ten seasons of Stargate SG-1 when I’m depressed. 

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