February 28, 2012

A Visit from a Unicorn

About a month ago I managed to crawl to the sunny end of the tunnel I spoke of before.  Unfortunately, there were prison bars over the exit.  Not really much of an exit.  The sun didn't even have the decency to shine on the bars.  It's nice to breathe fresh air again, but not where I want to end up.  I may spend the next seventeen years using my nail file to saw through the bars and find my way out.  Or I may have to climb all the way back through the tunnel and come out right back where I started.  Which poses a question: Why did I ever start down the *expletive* tunnel anyways???  I suspect it was some sort of Alice falling into the rabbit hole thing only far less pleasant.  Yes, less pleasant that the Queen of Hearts ordering her minions to chop your head off.  Less pleasant than an acid induced nightmare. 

And so I've been lying at the end of the tunnel, panting in exhaustion for almost a month trying to decide what to do.  But here's the good thing about yesterday.  Yesterday, one of my friends came to visit from the other side of the bars, and she led a unicorn over for me to pet.  So though I didn't get to ride it, I got to pet a unicorn for awhile.  Then before it walked away my friend hugged me, squeezed my hand, and told me she was there for me.  And it made the awfulness of the prison bars at the end of the tunnel a little less awful. 

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