February 29, 2012

March 1- Self-Injury Awareness Day

On the eve of Self-Injury Awareness Day, I'd like to share something a couple of friends helped me have the strength to do the other night when all I really wanted to do was hurt myself.  If you have trouble with Self-Injury and are triggered by others' scars, please don't look. 

Instead of hurting myself, I wrote words of encouragement on my arm.  So I wouldn't even be tempted.  These are things my friends are helping me to believe:
"It will be ok again."
"Somebody loves you."
"Be kind."

"WWAD?" It's an inside sort of thing.  But you can replace the 'A' with anyone who makes you want to be better.
"You don't have to hurt yourself."

This last one is perhaps the most important- "God gave you friends to help."

Even when I feel like there isn't anyone here who understands, I know I have God, and I know He sends people into my life to help with these difficult times.  And for that I am grateful.  He has recently sent me some incredible friends I don't think I could do without.  

So to all of you, happy Self-Injury Awareness Day!  Wear orange.  Tell a friend.  Send a link to a website.  Post an orange ribbon on your facebook.  Do whatever you can.  Whether you suffer from Self-Injury yourself or are just a kind human being, spread the word.  Spread the word that we are not freaks.  We just deal with our pain in a different way.  And we're working on it.

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