March 22, 2012

Depression, This is War!

Dear Depression,
            Consider this a formal declaration of war.  I do not care that in the past you have stolen entire semesters of my self-esteem.  I do not care that this is one of those semesters.  I don’t even care that my therapist says I may never be able to live a normal life.  I say, suck it, depression.  This is MY life.  And you can't have it.  This very well may be the longest war in history.  It may last until the day I take my dying breath.  But as long as I take my dying breath and you don’t, I win.  You hear that?  I am going to win this war if it takes my whole life!  And you know what?  As long as I keep fighting, my life is going to be worth fighting for.  You can’t have my life.  It’s mine.  And I’m going to live it MY way.  So suck it.  You’re not going to win this one.


  1. It makes me really sad to hear that your therapist said that. I was told the same thing once and it's so demoralising. The fact is though, that's absolute trash. Of course we can have a normal lives! I'm so glad to see that what she said hasn't weakened your spirits, that you're determined to keep fighting, and that you know that you deserve a better life. If you ever need a partner in battle, gimme a shout. :)

  2. Thanks, partner! Same goes here if you ever need a helping hand. For the record, she is one of the best therapists I've ever had and she has REALLY helped me through this past year. I'm grateful for her. And when she said that, it helped me to understand that I do have a legitimate disease and I do need to go easy on myself. And it inspired me to fight harder. So while it was difficult to hear, it was ultimately a good thing!

    1. Cheers buddy, I'll bear that in mind. :)

      Ah sorry, I guess I misunderstood the context in which that was said. I'm glad it helped you understand and made you more determined to get better. It's really great to hear that your therapist has helped you so much, we all need a person like that in our lives when things get tough and I'm really glad you have her. :)


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