November 6, 2012

"NyQuil" or "Why I would be a great alcoholic."

          Do you ever feel like you're just 100% fed up with being awake?  I did last night.  Starting at around 7:00pm.  I kept it at bay until 8 or so when I finally went to bed.  For the record, I am a night owl- midnight is a fairly early bedtime for me.  Unfortunately I have a loud roommate with an unpleasant voice who woke me at nine. So I took some NyQuil and read for awhile.  Then I took some more NyQuil and finally fell asleep.  I tried to tell myself that NyQuil only lasts for 11 or 12 hours in my system and that I'd have no problem getting up in time for class.  Fifteen.  It lasts for fifteen hours in my system.  When I noticeably staggered on my way to the bathroom after my alarm went off, I decided I would not actually be going to class.  I made it out of bed in time to go to therapy at three pm.  And now I'm tired again.  Luckily.  Because it sure was nice when everything went away and all that was left was the NyQuil.  I wouldn't mind doing that more often.  Which is precisely why I can't.

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